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Paramount Bed Holdings is a holding company of a comprehensive medical group. Paramount Beds specializes in the manufacture and sale of beds, mattresses, and equipment for the medical and the nursing care environment. Paramount Bed is Japan’s leading manufacturer of high quality beds with an established reputation in the medical field. They gained the largest market share in Japan. The company was founded in 1947, and is a pioneer in the manufacturing of hospital beds. Different types of care products require different supporting equipment and Paramount Bed has a comprehensive catalog that provides for various needs and situations.

Qualitas Gamma DS

Effective caregiving and early rehabilitation in the ICU are important towards a patient's early recovery. Qualitas Gamma presents a variety of features to cater to the needs of both patients and medical personnel.

Qualitas beta plus

The road to recovery is often a critical and sensitive experience.
Both patient and medical personnel will have to work hand-in-hand to achieve their goal of nursing the patient back to health.


Providing a comfortable and efficient care environment to patients who spend much time receiving treatment, it is important that care is provided in a comfortable environment.

PA-8200 provides patients with a comfortable environment within which to receive treatment and is designed to be conductive to the productivity of medical personnel.

Life In An Emergency Room

The typical scene in an emergency room (ER) is one of urgency where every second is critical towards delivering effective emergency care to patients. Medical personal needs to conduct tests and render aid under the pressure of time and logistics. Access to the correct equipment has to be on hand for them to complete their job in an effective and professional manner.

PK-8000 Series Emergency Stretcher


Made for the Healing Journey.
Recovering patients require a nurturing environment where they can recuperate with peace of mind. Placing particular emphasis on safety, Paramount Bed A5 Series is designed to mitigate accidents. In addition to safety, the beds are also designed for usability, easy cleaning, and easy maintenance.

As one of the more vital pieces of equipment in the ER, the PK-8000 series of stretchers are essential in delivering safe emergency care for the patient as well as providing efficient work support for medical personal.


For the medical personal (caregivers), the three most important functions in a stretcher are safety, transport, and transfer of the patient. The emergency stretcher PK-8000 series was developed to ensure the safety of both patient and medical personal, and it has all the friendly features that are effective in fulfilling all the emergency care functions.