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Located in Batesville, Indiana, Med-Mizer® manufactures products that are American Made and backed by its commitment to safety and quality. Med-Mizer’s® vision and committed leadership have resulted in development of new products in a growing market, allowing them to remain ahead of the curve in innovation. Being first to market with new ideas and innovative products has singled Med-Mizer® out in the growing healthcare industry.

The Flextilt Chair

The Flextilt Chair is a piece of equipment that will help care givers to provide independence and mobility to the patient , create comfort with unlimited positioning options, and improve skin/wound care providing pressure relief. The chair will reduce caregiver injuries, allows for easier transfers, and the time required for re-positioning, as well as costs.

The Pivot Rehab Bed

Getting in and out of bed safely has never been easier. Creating independence and mobility can improve your loved one’s quality of life. The Pivot Rehab Bed is easy to use, and can provide the comfort, safety, and independence to allow your loved one to enjoy the comforts of home, while surrounded by friends and family.

The Pivot Rehab Bed is a very advanced bed that will help your loved ones enjoy the comforts of their home, especially when they are sick or injured.

Med-Mizer has introduced a versatile and universal low bed that can be used for bariatric and long-term care applications. The BA8000 bed can be expanded to four different widths (35/39/42/48) and can support up to 800 lbs. The bedframe has the ability to have advanced positioning (trend/revers trend) as well as a built in scale.

Bariatric bed

Meets standards to be utilized as a transport chair for residents up to 350lbs for various appointments

Provides Independence and mobility.

Create comfort with unlimited positioning options.

Reduce caregiver injuries and efficiency (reduction in transfers, reduced time in repositioning, etc).

Reduce cost with an affordable chair solution.

Ease of use/operation with unlimited positioning for enhanced comfort.

FT transport chair

freedomflex pedal chAIR

The FreedomFlex pedal chair provides skilled nursing facilities and residents enhanced independence and mobility, while providing superior comfort and satisfaction.Using the FreedomFlex at your facility will allow residents the ability to socialize and explore their surroundings in a safe and ergonomic way.