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CareAssist ES
Hill-Rom 1000 Bed
Hill-Rom 305(manual)/405(electric) Beds

Critical Care
TotalCare Connect Bed System
TotalCare Intellidrive
TotalCare SpO2RT
VersaCare TC

Longterm Care
Resident LTC Bed

Procedural Stretcher
Transport Stretcher
Electric Stretcher
Surgical Stretcher
Trauma Stretcher
OB/GYN Stretcher

Maternal Care
Affinity 4 Birthing Bed
Perinatal Furniture Collection
Prima Procedural Light

Healthcare Furniture
Hill-Rom Day Bed Sleeper
Sleeper Chair
Visitor Chair
Recliner Chair
HiBack Chair
Overbed Tables
Bedside Cabinets





Impression Series Headwall
Imagemakers Headwall Collection
Integris Lite Rail
Horizon Headwall Systems
Uniflex Headwall Systems
Flatwall Headwall Systems
Contour Headwall Systems
Power Column
EpiCare Ceiling Column
Patient Room Lighting
Bed Locator
Patient Care Module
Architectural Drawings

Specialty Care
LIKO Patient Lifting Equipment

Clinitron RiteHite
TotalCare SpO2RT Pulmonary Therapy
Vollman Prone Positioner
The Vest Airway Clearance System

Bariatric Care
AirPal Patient Lift
Barton Transfer Chair
Bariatric Collection
TotalCare Bariatric Bed
TotalCare Bariatric Plus Bed
Hill-Rom Bariatric Recliner
Large Capacity Chair

OR Integration


Med-Surg Beds
Critical Care Beds
Longterm Care Beds
Procedural Stretchers
Maternal Care Beds
Healthcare Furniture and Seating
Hospital Headwall Systems
LIKO Patient Lifting Devices
Bariatric Care Beds and Accessories
OR Integration

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