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Choosing the right bed for your Med-Surg Environment.


All facilities are unique – from staff, to patients, to budgets.  Nonetheless, they all deal with the same challenges:  protecting patients and caregivers, and preventing adverse events.

Hill-Rom products are designed to meet these challenges and exceed your expectations.  That’s why Hill-Rom beds are the right choice for your med-surg areas.

VersaCare® Bed System

CareAssist® ES Bed
VersaCare® Bed System
Hill-Rom 1000 Bed
Hill-Rom 305/405 Bed
Surfaces & Mattresses


VersaCare® Bed System is a full-featured bed that goes the extra mile for patient and caregiver safety, and caregiver efficiency.

VersaCare Bed System with PrimeAire ARS Surface provides prevention of and treatment for pressure ulcers.

VersaCare A.I.R.™ System offers pressure ulcer treatment and enhanced ergonomics for caregiver safety and efficiency.


CareAssist® ES Bed is everything you expect from a Hill-Rom product — quality, safety, and patient satisfaction — at an economical price.

CareAssist ES Bed with scale and Patient  

Positioning Monitor is designed to offer enhanced caregiver safety and to help reduce patient falls when used as a part of a falls reduction protocol.

CareAssist ES Bed with scale and Patient Positioning Monitor, and PrimeAire® ARS Surface: enhanced caregiver safety and to help reduce patient falls when used as a part of a falls reduction protocol, provides prevention of and treatment for pressure ulcers.


Hill-Rom 1000 bed has your patients’ safety and comfort as their primary concern.  It incorporates several unique features to help you protect and care for your patients.  Additionally, the bed was designed with many features that help provide safer patient mobility and ease of use, thus enhancing caregiver safety.

Unique Features Include:

  • One-button Dining Chair feature
  • Brake Bar at the Footend of the Bed
  • Stowable Patient Pendant
  • Shearless Pivot Feature
  • Non-moving headboard
  • Line of Sight angle indicator
  • Battery back-up
  • Point-of-Care
  • Scale
  • Bed Exit System

The Hill-Rom 305 and 405 beds are designed to provide the quality of construction, simplicity of use and safety compliance you expect in a bed from Hill-Rom.  The 305 manual bed and the 405 electric bed are you best value options for general care procedures.

Unique Features Include:

  • Embedded patient and caregiver siderail controls (405 electric bed)
  • Brake and steer pedals accessible from all four corners of the bed
  • Angle indicator for Trend and Reverse Trend
  • Battery Backup solution (405 electric bed)
  • Automatic contour - prevents patients from slipping to the foot end of the bed
  • Optional radiolucent backrest for easy and safe X-rays


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