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Electric Hospital Bed

Hill-Rom 1000 Electric Adjustable Bed


Hill-Rom 1000 electric adjustable bed has your patients’ safety and comfort as their primary concern.  It incorporates several unique features to help you protect and care for your patients in the med-surg environment.  Additionally, this electric hospital bed was designed with many features that help provide safer patient mobility and ease of use, thus enhancing caregiver safety.



Hill Rom 1000 Electric Hospital Bed Features

One-button Dining Chair® feature – one button control moves patient in and out of chair position while maintaining a low, safe height for the patient.

Brake Bar at the Footend of the Bed – easily accessible even when siderails are down.

Stowable Patient Pendant – patients have full access to the Hill Rom 1000 electric bed controls regardless of rail position.

Shearless Pivot® Feature – along with auto-contour, reduces the need to reposition patients with the touch of a button.

Non-moving headboard – The Hill Rom 1000 electric hospital bed headboard remains at an ergonomic height during all adjustable bed articulations aiding in ease of transport for caregivers.

Line of Sight® angle indicator – located on the siderails for easy visibility.

Battery back-up – automatically charges the Hill Rom 1000 electric bed when plugged in so there is no need to find an outlet when repositioning the hospital bed during patient transfer.

Point-of-Care® controls – located where you need them, next to the patient, on both sides of the hospital bed to eliminate unnecessary caregiver steps.

Scale – built into the siderails.  In-bed scale eliminates the need for sling scale procedures, which helps improve patient safety.

Bed Exit System – Setting the Hill Rom 1000 electric adjustable bed exit system, combined with falls prevention protocols, can help reduce patient falls.


Contact Steo Medical today to learn more about how the Hill Rom 1000 Electric Adjustable Hospital Bed can provide a safer and more comfortable experience for your patients.

Hill-Rom 1000 electric adjustable bed



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