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Operating Room Imaging
HD video integration for operating rooms

or imaging

Gen IV™ solutions have earned the highest ranking in user satisfaction and cost of ownership because they are:

    • Future-ready
    • Easy to use
    • Agile
    • Precise
    • Compliant with regulatory requirements
    • Low maintenance




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Integrated Surgical Suites in Latin America


Dynamic integration systems.

Gen IV Elite™ - an advanced solution fit for current and emerging technologies.

The Gen IV Elite™ system:

  • Allows previews of information from outside the sterile environment, saving time and workflow steps.
  • Takes in up to 16 interchangeable input sources
  • Allows 6 routable LCD displays plus 2 dedicated displays
  • Includes full 19” touchscreen display
  • Includes presets for certain system setting and surgeon preferences, which shortens turnover time
  • “Time-out” option on touchscreen panel

Learn more about the Gen IV Elite™


Dynamic integration systems.

Gen IV Pro™ - a simplified Gen IV™ system for facilities with limited budgets today, but plans to upgrade in the future..

The Gen IV Pro™ system:

  • A budget-conscious solution that leaves room for upgrades and emerging technologies.
  • Takes in up to 16 interchangeable input sources
  • Allows 6 routable LCD displays
  • Includes 15” touchscreen display

Learn more about the Gen IV Pro™


Turnkey HD digital integration systems.

Gen IV Core™ - a turnkey system that provides OR integration without the downtime or expense of construction.

The Gen IV Core™ system:

  • Takes in up to 10 static input sources
  • High-quality image transfer between all sources
  • Allows 4 routable LCD displays
  • Versatile, space efficient switch can be mounted within the OR
  • Self-contained switch allows for minimal maintenance and reduces service costs

Learn more about the Gen IV Core™


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